Pro Touring F Body GT suspension on my Trans Am

Trans Am with Pro Touring F Body GT suspensionLast summer I purchased the Pro Touring F Body GT suspension kit #2CS-426 to solve the car having a slight upward rake. I did not get a chance to install the kit until this last October. I am pleased the announce that the front springs installed without problems and put the ride height right where I wanted. I did have a hiccup with one of the shocks, but Dave over at PTFB replaced it in a matter of days. Great support over at PTFB!

When measuring 4″ from the rear rocker panel and 4″ in from the front fender toward the rear, I now have a height of 8.25″ at all four corners. Before this swap with factory springs the front was about 8.75″ high with the rear at 8.25″. This slight rake was common from the factory for these cars as it gave the car a look as if it was launching. I did not like the nose up look, even if it was slight. More importantly the front wheels now look proportional under the fenders.

I did not switch out the rear factory springs, and I may leave the factory rear springs after reading other reviews that the Pro Touring F Body rear springs may also lower the rear, which would cause my nose up look again.

Moog 590 next to PTFB GT springRide quality wise the ride is now softer in general than it was when I was running the Edelbrock ISA shocks with the factory heavy duty front springs, Moog spring #590. The rear seems to be a little softer, where-as the front is definitely more noticeable. I think the PTFB “GT” front springs are stiffer than a factory regular springs but not as stiff as the heavy duty factory springs. The Edelbrock shocks were much stiffer as well, now when I hit bumps more of the road is absorbed, but I also notice turns feel as if they now rely more on the anti-sway bars. The car feels more balanced front and rear as well. You can see in the photo that the factory Moog heavy duty spring has about 2″ taller, thicker metal. This is after I cut 1/2 a coil from this spring as well.

I suspect the Edelbrock ISA shocks could have stayed, simply changing the front springs would have solved the rake issue and also give me a little bit more aggressive ride. I do not drive this car aggressively though, I would rather it be like it is now for cruising.

The GT kit includes AFCO 1021 and 1032 shocks. My quick search, these shocks have good reviews. Cost wise, PTFB sells the shocks for the same price as other retailers.

As for the claim that the “GT” kit is on par to a 4th gen Trans Am, I would almost agree to that. The ride definitely feels similar to my 2000 Trans Am, though my 2000 is has 2″ lowering springs, this 1981 Trans Am feels a little more tame with about the same amount of lean into turns, though I think the 2000 Trans Am is overall a lighter car and a little more nimble.

Before GT kit installed at Galena, OH car show July 27, 2018:

After GT kit installed October, 2018: