Bench Testing Fuel/Gas Gauge

You just got some gauges at a swap-meet but you don’t know if they work? What do you do next? Test them! The fuel gauge in most pre-digital cars work by pointing a needle within a sweep range on a gauge based on variable resistance through¬† variable resister in the fuel tank.¬† This resistance measured […]

Chassis (Suspension, Wheels and Brakes)

Body Bushings and Sub Frame Connectors for Firebirds & Camaros

If you own an f-body 1st or 2nd generation car from 1967-1981 (F Body chassis by GM found in Pontiac Firebird, Trans Am and Chevrolet Camaro first and second gen vehicles from 67-81) and are getting ready to replace your body to sub-frame bushings, you have three options: stock rubber, polyurethane and solid. If you […]

Chassis (Suspension, Wheels and Brakes) Interior

Snap Retaining Ring (Lock Ring) for GM/Chrysler Steering Column

During the disassembly of the steering column from the Trans Am the retaining snap ring that holds the lock plate got damaged. One option is to bend it back into shape. The other option is to replace it. Unfortunately, you’re not going to find an auto parts store that knows what a continuous retaining snap-ring […]