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Project Trans Am – 22 Months Later

I’m now 22 months into my 1981 Pontiac Trans Am and it feels like I’ve got nothing done! But this blog post is a good outline of everything that has been happening since November, 2011. Short Block Assembled The hiccup with the wrong piston valve relief was sorted with the machine shop relatively quickly. After […]


Automotive Sound Deadeners, Insulation and Anti-Rattle Products

There are a lot of sound deadening, insulating and anti-rattle products for automotive applications. The list below (as of February, 2012) is the most comprehensive list of products organized by type. Spray on Sound Deadened/Insulation Spray on sound Deadeners and insulation are paint-on products that can be applied in a number of ways. LizardSkin is […]

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Flare Wrenches for working on Hot Rods and Resto-mods

A flare wrench is like an open end wrench with 5-6 contact sides and/or 4-5 contact corners. As it’s name implies, the wrench is intended for use on flared fittings. A normal open end wrench makes contact on only two sides, making the flare wrench ideal for better contact in certain situations.  In many cases […]