Welcome to Mods and Rods TV! This is a video podcast and blog by me,  Angelo Mandato, covering the work I do to my cars, as well as related topics. Got questions, parts/tools you want me to review, or just want to share your story with me, feel free to shoot me an email: angelo [at] mandato.com.

WARNING: The information on this blog is not from a professional auto mechanic. Make no assumptions, I’m NOT a professional mechanic and many of the documented tasks on this site are “first times” for me. I’m a computer programmer by day, even though I am mechanically inclined like most computer guys/gals, I don’t have the automotive experience to be an authority on anything I write about here. The purpose for this blog is to inspire others to pick up a wrench and modify your rides!


Current Projects:

1981 Trans Am

I purchased this car in early Summer of 2010. Over the past year I’ve spent the time accumulating parts and the necessary tools to build a Pontiac 400 engine to replace the original aged and damaged Turbo 301. The plan is to build a driver, capable of running on 87 octane but also able to throw you back in the seat.